Human Resource

We are experienced and fast growing in recruitment services and HR solutions across the industries by helping our clients in their Human resource management. We provide HR services for IT, ITes, Telecom, ADVERTISING, BANKING & FINANCIAL SERVICES, EDUCATION & MANAGEMENT, HOSPITALITY, F & B, RETAIL, REAL ESTATE & CONSTRUCTION.

In today's changing business environment, organizations need to define their long-term and short-term manpower requirements. The requirement differs from company to company as some may require on ongoing basis, while others may require on project basis. We conduct preliminary interviews and shortlist candidates as per the requirement of the client. Understanding these needs, we have structured our manpower services as…

Employee Verification

Employee Verification

Employment Verification services is very vital to substantiate all claims made by applicants to help achieve an ideal fit between the candidate, position and company.

Job performance evaluations and overall work ethic descriptions will help you make the right decision during the hiring process.

In today’s personal and professional climates, companies need to take every precaution to ensure their own financial and physical safety. Simple background and criminal checks can alleviate concerns. The documents included in this section will provide an easy way to administer and organize necessary forms and documents.