Our clients range from small to medium sized businesses through to large multi-national corporates with multiple locations. We have clients in India, United State, United kingdom, Europe, Australia, Denmark, UAE, Suadi Arabia, Oman and South Africa. We have a proven track record of delivering software for over 10 years to a diverse range of clients.

We believe we offer innovative solutions using a range of different and up-to-date development tools. We have good staff retention, excellent client relationships and a good practical grasp of the best technology.


Database Management Services

KreativePool assist with the design, development and implementation of databases and database management systems to meet business requirements and push your business forward. KreativePool can help Database Optimization, the performance of your databases to improve business performance through faster, more responsive systems.

We have skills in Database Management, Tuning and Programming including Business Intelligence, Report Development, Data Migration. This includes knowledge on the following database engines:

  • 1.Microsoft SQL Server
  • 2.Microsoft Access
  • 3.MySQL
  • 4.Oracle