KreativePool has been in business for several years now and our .Net web developers and programmers have extensive experience in programming database and backend solutions for companies. We develop advanced web applications that can handle mass amounts of data and transactions. It doesn't matter how small or big your company is, we have Web Development solutions for any size of budget.

We produce creative, innovative and professional designs, individually created to reflect the style, presence and corporate identity of the Client company through our website development solutions.

web products

Web Products

Kreative Pool is proud to present you two of its signature web product, CMS Poorna and Newsletter application.


CMSPoorna is a powerful and easy-to-use content management system. CMSPoorna is known for its flexibility and intuitive Template Engine that lets developers easily mold the CMS into its intended use. It has a built-in caching feature that significantly reduces server load (helpful in times of high traffic).

CMSPoorna can greatly reduce your maintenance cost and development time. It includes templates that automate many of the repetitive aspects of content creation and editing. It also provide a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface, which makes it possible for users to create and work with content without using HTML.

Silent feature of CMSPoorna:

  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Easy-to-use navigation controls
  • In built photo gallery
  • News and events application
  • Basic SEO

KP newsletter:

KP newsletter is a web applications, whereby you can send bulk emails and newsletters to your potential customers, popularly known as email marketing. The application is design in such a way that it gives you best marketing solution when you have large number of customers to target. You can create and send personalized emails to your potential customers and let them know about your business and what do you have to offer them.

This application has complete set of tools so that you can keep track of emails sent to the recipients, help you manage your list and mails, sign ups and unsubscribed returns. Through this Newsletter you can send unlimited email and get on your email marketing.

This application helps you to make and create rich emails and newsletters by using HTML tags and market your business professionally and in way that is more comprehensive. The application provides you professional header graphics and color pallets to customize your newsletters and send them across the globe to large number of potential customers.

Its features overview:

  • High Deliver rate and security
  • Easy to use email editor
  • Mailing list management- imports, exports, block list and powerful susbscribe system
  • Professional email sending process- verifying email contacts before sending, select email list, schedule-sending time
  • HTML tags can be added for customization
  • Lists and contacts can be exported and imported
  • Users get unsubscription report
  • Unlimited number of promotions can be saved